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Amigo’s Kitchen Gourmet Dog Treats


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About Us

In 2003 a dog owner wanted to give his yellow lab, Amigo, a great treat. He longed to give his friend something healthier and more exciting than your typical generic, brown, dry “treat”. That sparked the idea of Amigo's Kitchen. Amigo's Kitchen gave everyone a chance to share his idea of a healthy, fun dog treat. Amusing shapes like cacti, pizza slices, ice cream cones, cannoli, ribbons, fire hydrants, cats, dogs, and even turnovers; all in unique tastes and styles have been a part of Amigo's Kitchen's menu since its humble beginnings. The ingredients Amigo's Kitchen uses to make treats are the same you will find on your supermarket shelf; white and wheat flour, water, honey, molasses, oats, peanut butter, and food coloring.