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Health disparities persist in the United States, leading to certain groups being at higher risk of being uninsured, having limited access to care, experiencing a poorer quality of care, and ultimately experiencing worse health outcomes.

While health disparities are generally viewed from a race and ethnicity perspective, they extend well beyond that and reflect a complex set of individual, social, and environmental factors.

For the first time, there is a convergence of trends that allow meaningful progress to be made on the mitigation of health disparities. Increased access to care through Medicaid expansion; value-based payment reform; clinical integration; and CMS innovations supporting the community-based care model are creating new opportunities to improve care for underserved populations in ways never imagined before.

Equality Health has developed our product portfolio around centralized technology, services, and network designs intended to organize a better healthcare delivery system for cultures that have struggled with integrating into the traditional one-size-fits-all US healthcare system.

Working closely with all key stakeholders in the community, we are building an innovative, replicable, and sustainable cultural care model that establishes a trusted resource among patients and providers we serve.