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SMILE Biscotti


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About Us

SMILE can bake and deliver delicious, beautifully packaged biscotti to meet your party, event and gift needs. We will confer with you to review and select the best options including:
Biscotti in any quantity or flavor choices
Customized packaging to include your logo or personalized message along with, at your option, acknowledgement of your special partnership with SMILE and its mission
Packaging and mailing or delivery to your even
Here is how SMILE started:
My name is Matt Resnik. I'm a young adult with autism. After my high school graduation, I created SMILE Biscotti so I could start supporting myself and saving for my own place to live.
I've always loved baking! While some people might find it difficult to do the same thing every day, my love of routine ensures that you can always enjoy my consistent, high quality biscotti.
Stop by our select locations to indulge in my Signature SMILE's or order online any time.
Thank you for your support.