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    ''We represent you, rather than the insurance company. After a one on one private consultation, we find out what your insurance needs are. By research and comparison shopping we determine what plans are right for you, your family or business.''

    Robin Harris Advisors PLLC began with a simple truth, health insurance can be difficult to navigate. Out of that truth came the goal and the prime purpose of our growing company, to educate and inform our clients of the need to have effective health coverage for any health concerns and to get that coverage for the best price possible.

    Thousands are paying way too much for products and options that they will never use or worse still won't fully cover them when they need it most. . Others are woefully under insured. Some need advise as they transition from job to self-employment, retirement, family change and aging into 65.

    Our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Robin Harris Advisors PLLC will customize a full health insurance package for you and your family that provides the protection you need and potentially save you a significant amount of money month after month, year after year. Call us today and let us lead you through the health insurance maze.

    Our strong core values are Honesty, Transparency, Value and Support. Let our friendly, common sense approach to this complex subject demonstrate our commitment to you and win your trust for all your future health insurance needs.