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About Saguaro Bloom
All we wanted was some Normal.
When COVID-19 arrived to spread anxiety, illness, and confusion in Arizona, a few friends got together to make sense of our suddenly strange new world. The virus put one of us in the hospital, another was the a physician at Phoenix’s big hospital, and we all became more anxious to solve something.

This “New Normal” sure seemed light on the “Normal.”
Everything seemed uncertain in mid-2020, even tax deadlines. But we decided one thing was certain: The right COVID-19 test for the right need on a clear schedule can contribute to some Normal. We set aside our “in the before-time” plans to figure out high-complexity SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic and surveillance testing.

We weren’t lab people. Now we are lab people.
We found like-minded experts, community leaders, and inquisitive minds also seeking some Normal for their communities. With these wonderful folks from across the country and brilliant people here in Arizona, we designed and built a lab in Scottsdale. The Bloom lab’s sole purpose is doing large numbers of COVID-19 tests incredibly efficiently with clear and reliable turnaround time.

The pandemic isn’t over, but we can end it together
We’re excited about the recent vaccine news, but we have a long way to go. We all need to take care of ourselves and each other by wearing masks, washing our hands, being mindful of distance, and having care & compassion for those around us.

And if you need a test for yourself or 1,000 of your closest friends, let us know. Saguaro Bloom is here to help.