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Skill Up Arizona Apprenticeship and Award Foundation


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About Us

Skill Up Arizona Apprenticeship and Award Foundation provides apprenticeships and scholarships for anyone beginning or continuing training in the precison manufacturing industry.Skill Up AZ began as the Arizona Precision Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program (AZPMAP), and has brought together representatives from industry, community colleges, secondary education, the public workforce system, and the State's workforce development division to provide a comprehensive apprenticeship program in the area of precision manufacturing. The opportunity to support additional educational pathways was recognized, and in January 2023 a scholarship was added to the apprenticeship program, driving the rebranding of AZPMAP to Skill Up Arizona Apprenticeship and Award Foundation. Skill Up AZ is the workforce development arm of the Arizona Tooling & Machining Assocation, and provides employers value-added employees with a complete system that reduces recruitment costs and administrative burden.